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Kerry Ebersole Singh announces candidacy for East Lansing City Council.

Updated: Aug 10, 2023


Monday, Aug. 7, 2023 Cell: 989-450-0855

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Kerry Ebersole Singh announced today her candidacy to run for a seat on the East Lansing City Council.

Ebersole Singh, 46, has called East Lansing home since she moved here in 1995 to attend Michigan State University and graduated with a degree from MSU’s James Madison College.

In her role as Chief Talent Solutions & Engagement Office for the Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC), Ebersole Singh leads the agency’s strategic focus of developing high-wage skills growth by working with businesses, higher education institutions, and communities to better attract, retain and cultivate the talent critical to growing the state’s economy.

That background makes her ideally suited to serve on the council, Ebersole Singh said.

“I’ve lived in East Lansing longer than anywhere I’ve ever been, and this community along the banks of the Red Cedar River is where my husband and I have chosen to raise our family with no intention of ever leaving,” she said.

“I’m running to serve on the East Lansing City Council as the mom of an incredible first-grader at Robert L. Green Elementary School, a wife to a public servant, the daughter of public school teachers, and as someone who has worked throughout her professional career to make a positive impact on our state and community.”

Prior to serving at MEDC, Ebersole Singh launched the Office of Sixty by 30 in the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO), to meet Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s goal for college and credential attainment. During her time as director, Ebersole Singh launched two instrumental programs: Futures for Frontliners and MI Reconnect, which aim to create a more talented workforce by providing a tuition-free path for Michiganders pursuing in-demand certificates or associate degrees.

In that capacity with LEO, Ebersole Singh also served as the Chair of the MI STEM Council, designed to improve and promote innovation and collaboration in STEM education and prepare students for careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In addition, she served as the lead staff supporting the state’s Workforce Development Board, helping to create a comprehensive, accessible, and successful workforce development system. In conjunction with her time at LEO, Gov. Whitmer tapped Ebersole Singh in 2021 to lead the Protect Michigan Commission’s community engagement strategy, which aimed to educate Michiganders on the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. Before she returned to the state government to lead the national award-winning “Be Counted 2020 Census” campaign on behalf of the Whitmer/Gilchrist administration, Ebersole Singh operated an independent consulting firm that served a variety of clients across business, nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. She has experience creating and developing strategies for a variety of national, state, and local government policy programs and advocacy campaigns.

“My unique background and experience have prepared me to build bridges and work collaboratively with MSU, the East Lansing schools, and the city,” Ebersole Singh said.

“I am committed to driving regional collaboration, spurring smart economic development growth, retaining talent, and strengthening our arts, culture, and public spaces. I am ready on day one to work with the city staff to make East Lansing an even better place to call home, go to school, raise families, and grow opportunities.”

Ebersole Singh also announced today she has already received endorsements from her husband, state Sen. Sam Singh (D-East Lansing), state Sen. Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing), state Rep. Julie Brixie (D-Meridian), state Rep. Penelope Tsernoglou (D-East Lansing), Ingham County Commissioner Mark Grebner, Ingham County Commissioner Irene Cahill, Ingham County Commissioner Thomas Morgan, former East Lansing Mayors Diane Goddereis and Liz Schweitzer, and East Lansing City Council member Jessy Greig.

“Kerry Ebersole Singh has been an active member of the East Lansing community for years, fighting for the rights of our residents and working to make our city and state a better place,” said Tsernoglou. “As a highly talented government and business professional as well as a strong civic leader, Kerry has the experience and dedication necessary to make a difference on the city council.”

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