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East Lansing's Best Days are Yet to come.

Our Community is at a crossroads, I believe my experience and track record implementing creative approaches, we can:


Stabilize the City of East Lansing

  • Rebuild the city staff with experienced leaders so the community can move forward and thrive

  • Sustain our neighborhoods by investing in roads, sidewalks, public safety and water and sewer systems  

  •  Build a government culture that supports transparency, accountability and long-term sustainability



Advocate for Arts, Culture & Public Spaces

  • Expand tree planting & forestry programs

  • Sustain our unique festivals and cultural amenities

  • Support neighborhood parks & trails


Support Smart Economic Development

  • Recruit businesses and amenities that diversify our downtown

  • Support University tech transfer and the commercialization of startups

  • Strengthen our locally owned businesses operating in the City

Collaborate with Community Partners

  • Strengthen collaborative efforts with the East Lansing School District

  • Deepen our engagement with MSU faculty, staff and student organizations to enhance East Lansing’s quality of life

  • Work closely with surrounding communities to plan for long term growth of the region

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